Our Story


The beginning 

The theme ” Live myself ” has been a long theme for Kentaro.

While working as a Japanese chef, he has gradually built up his own vision of

real service for customers.

Therefore, he has decided to start his own coffee stand in Okinawa

which integrate new concept and space.


Kentaro traveled to Portland Oregon in the fall of 2014 for the search of his theme.

There were solid culture such as “do it yourself” spirit, mutual aid, and localism which

was happening all generations.

There was a strong passion in each person`s mind.

They followed their own will with appreciation and love.

Through the journey, Kentaro had figured out his theme

which is to create a coffee stand with new concept.


The core value of ZHYVAGO is the harmony of mind, technique, and body.

Therefore, we use tools with great care and appreciation.

By using them for a long time, our mind and body can harmonize with tools.

We aim to offer a cup of coffee which has a Barista`s care and appreciation.